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They Deliver
..The NEW French Dipsky
..Pastrami on Rye
I usually eat here every 2 weeks on payday, I love their Wisconsin Cheese Soup and the sandwiches are usually pretty good too.
There's never a wait it's usually pretty slow when I come so the service is fast. On this visit I notice the soup was at the bottom and asked if they were gonna have any more since its REALLY the only reason I come back.
The owner/manager said YES and then they preceded to drop the NEW Hot soup in the well and still serve us the bottom of the barrel COLD stuff.
I was EXTREMELY disappointed!! I ordered 2 French Dipskys and a Pastrami on Rye plus 3 Henry Weinhard Sodas it cost me $35 for 3 people!!!!
The French Dip was disappointing the meat was chewy/rubbery and the bread was soggy and wet like it was undercooked. Nobody finished theirs and everyone was all around disgusted.
It will be a long while before I come back.

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