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The Newest addition to the Las Vegas Strip

High End shops at Crystals-Condos and Hotel-Casino at Vdara & Aria. If you Live in Las Vegas you KNOW everything about this place already since the media is pumping the hell out of it.
I haven't visited it since its GRAND OPENING isn't until 12/16 at 11pm-WTF?!? but I did cut across it to get to the MONTE CARLO and damn it sucked:( NO escalators-2 levels of stairs and I wasn't the only one pissing & moaning.
Really I just dont get the idea here of MORE High-End rooms and stores since all the LOW-END rooms are closing up. NOT a good sign of things to come. Myself I don't spend my $$ frivilously so I'm not gonna be buying an $800 wallet at Louis Vutton or eating a $50 buffet because its in a pretty dining room. Artsy Fartsy I mean non-smoking rooms, no gaming in one and then its all GREEN?
I guess GREEN means no escalators
I don't know about the exterior either because it was BLINDING in the Winter Sun and HEating the outside another 100' in the Summer #notaplus
Well only time will tell-nothing there for me but I'll keep you all posted.

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