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is the most exciting new family barbeque restaurant to hit the West Coast
We'll SEE- Check Here!!

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y eglide23
I understand there are growing pains but, there were at least 3 items on the menu they didn't have. My steak was cold, the chicken santa fe was topped with cold not melted cheese and the service was very slow. On the positive side when the waiter did get to our table he was very cool. Excellent waiter customer interface. The biscuits cornbread and honey butter were very good. I am going to give them another month or 2 and try again because I just don't think they were quite ready to open yet.

by cscameron2025
This is going to be the best new restaurant in Henderson. It will feature the only "Fire Pit" in the state. You will smell the great aroma of steaks, ribs, and much more for miles.
Come in and ask for Chris Cameron. He will be behind the bar to mix up your favorite beverage or be the best server you ever had. Will be opening soon.

will be doing my OWN independent review of this place ASAP!!! I pride myself on having an extensive understanding and taste for BBQ!! I've tried them all Check Here!!

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