#393-CJ's Texas BBQ

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Now Re-Opened under NEW ownership. Defeinitely NOT the same old CJs either:(

Still in the same location and still the high tech smoker & picnic tables in the dining room but no more LCD menu boards, no more troughs of ice cold drinks and no more store room in the dining room. And the food is different too.

Same great bbq sauces and both beef,pork and links on the menu, the menu looks pretty much the same minus the cheap prices. I decided to get a brisket place with 2 sides. The brisket had very little seasoning if any and it was VERY fatty. Served sliced on a roll NOT chopped on a bun like it used to be:( As off as the brisket was I still had faith the texas chili would save the day BUT no its not quite the same as before:( neither are the cornbread muffins:(

Hate to say it but as good as CJs used to be and it failed this place doesnt have a chance:(

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