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FINALLY!!! Hitting the streets of Las #Vegas the 1st gourmet @SliderTruck. I took part in their soft-opening event at the park on W Flamingo/Buffalo last Saturday from 11-2. What a great start!!

When I arrived shortly after 11 there was already a good size crowd gathered and things were in full swing. Chuy and Ricardo the operators of the truck were real friendly and very personable welcoming everyone to try some of Las Vegas' Gourmet street food.

There was a limited menu to keep it simple for the event and all items were ONLY $1 each so I ordered one of each:) Pancakes in Blueberry sauce-A Captains Order Slider and a Monte Cristo.

The sliders were FANTASTIC!!! I wanted to make sure everyone got to try some or I would have went back for another half dozen "Captain's Order" Sliders!! :)

The pancakes were great too, what I got to try the kid snatched them and ran off to scraf them down;)

I really enjoy street food and hope to see the @SliderTruck succeed maybe even encourage a couple more trucks soon ;) I've already passed out 200 flyers in my neighborhood to get people out to try the @SliderTruck this Thursday 3/25 11-12pm. Come join us at 3100 W Sahara just 1 block West of Palace Station!!

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