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New Mediterrean Menu and classics like their Twice Baked Lasagna are BACK!!!

Last time I ate here I tried something with Asiago cheese and it left a BAD taste in my mouth for quite awhile, so this trip when i saw the Twice Baked Lasagna on the menu I was extremely excited!!

Rolling solo I decided to sit in the bar and watch the game, drin k a beer and grab a little something to eat. This place is a little fancy but very inviting and all the servers from the hostess to the waitress to the bartender to the manager are FANTASTIC!!

I decided to order some Tomato Bruschetta with grilled, rustic focaccia bread and also Lasagna Al Forno-Twice baked lasagna layered with authentic Bolognese meat sauce, ricotta and mozzarella. Topped with imported Italian tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil.

After just a few moments the bartender came back with my beer and a platter of Prosciutto e Parmigiano-(Imported Italian prosciutto and aged Parmigiano Reggiano served with fig jam) AND a COMPLIMENTARY hot loaf w/olive oil and fresh ground black pepper.

Watching the game drinking a beer and eating some bread with proscuitto,cheese,and olive oil I was loving life waiting on my appetizer and entree to come out thinking I ordered WAY too much food NOT knowing they brought all this out for each table-for a family YES but one guy in the bar-I thought I was getting the VIP treatment. I mean that FIG JAM was outstanding!!!

After about 10 minutes the bartender refilled my beer and brought out my Lasagna with extra sauce!! At that moment it hit me-I said Brushetta he heard Prosciutto?!?! I wasn't gonna be seeing any tomatoes tonight ...

BUT no biggie the proscuitto platter was GREAT and the Lasagna was WOW!! I can't believe they took this off the menu at one time?!?

I need to find out if they have a happy hour!! Loving this place again even though they screwed up my order:)

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