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BEST Value EATS in #Vegas!! $3.99 All-You-Can-Eat Salad,Pizza and Pasta Buffet!!! Celebrating 25 years!!!

A GREAT place to take the kids-CHEAP $2.49 each and there's an arcade plus lots of open cafeteria type seating.

The place keeps the pizzas coming so every time you go up there's a whole new variety of pizzas to choose from. I tried spincah pizza, macaroni+cheese, Veggie,Hawaiian, Traditional meat+cheese. Pasta and breadsticks, salads and cinnamon rolls. plus they have SWEET TEA:)

I'm not gonna tell you this place has the best pizza or even good pizza but you can eat ALOT and the TEA is good and its CHEAP at under $5!!! Gie it a try and decide for yourself ;)

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  1. Most people don't realize they will custom make any pizza they are capable of making at no extra charge and give you the first crack at slices from it.


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