#400-A1 Mobile Catering

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#Vegas #Streetfood @LVAuction Saturdays 2245 N Nellis
-A1 Mobile Catering

I love food trucks and of course in #Vegas most of them serve up mexican food so it was no surprise A1 Catering was a taco truck. They have a warmer with several items already made so you can grab & go a torta,tacos,chimichangas,taquitos and ice cold drinks. The burgers and fries are made to order and so are the Tacos,Burritos and more.

The chimichangas were great--crispy a little greasy and full of spicy meat. The burger & fries NOT so good. Again Greasy BUT too greasy and the fries limp and saltless but the kid ate every last bite.

You gotta love the @CocaCola with sugar too!!! Long Live #vegas #streetfood

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